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The barrel sauna is different from traditional indoor sauna room, it is large and rounded like barrels, with a door at one “end” of the barrel for entering and exiting the sauna. The barrel sauna room is specially designed for outdoor use so it does not take a room inside the house and gives more flexibility. The sauna uses Canada pine wood or Canada western red cedar for of its strength, stability and long lasting beauty. It is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. The barrel saunas are so beautiful that they become great ornament for your garden or backyard environment. Comes with  with sheltered porch and external seating, so customers could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view. The barrel sauna will also provides a perfect party space with your swimming pool or outdoor Hot tub.


◆ popular modern design, reinforced  and waterproof fiberglass  supports

◆  1 – 1/2  thickness solid Canadian white pine or upgraded to Canadian Western Red Cedar

◆ completely natural wood construction.

◆ The arch shape reduces volume of heating area 25% – 30%  compared to square shaped rooms

◆  sauna door with tempered glass.

◆ comes with waterproof wall light, thermometer and hygrometer, towel rack and water cup holder.

◆ bucket and spoon for wet sauna

◆ sauna pillow and backrest

◆ Electrical sauna heater kit. ( options for fire-burning kits )

Catalog item specifications

( inch)



Br1812 72 x 47 2 Person canada white pine/red cedar
Br1816 72 x 71 4 Person canada white pine/red cedar
Br1826 72 x 95 6 Person canada white pine/red cedar
Br1818 72 x 71 4 Person canada white pine/red cedar( with porch)
Br1824 72 x 95 6 Person canada white pine/red cedar( with porch)


All saunas come in kits with Availability for set up , install and instruction . call us today for your order

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