Refurbished hot tubs for sale

online catalog . western tub and pool 403-248-0777A Refurbished hot tub is  great alternative to new hot tubs that can cost more than $10,000. Buying a refurbished can save your thousands of dollars and frustration dealing with a private used hot tub . Good Used hot tubs are generally hard to find (due to the semi-permanent nature of even “portable” hot tubs and typically ones people get rid of are in some need of repair), but if you’re lucky enough to find someone selling one in your area, there are a few things you should know before committing to a purchase. Examine the shell for signs of damage. You’ll want to take off the side panels and take a good look under the shell. Look for cracks in the insulation, signs of damage or leakage, and check the pump and filtration equipment. Make sure you see the hot tub full of water before you consider purchasing it. You won’t know if it leaks if it’s been sitting without water for the last six months. With water inside, turn on the system, making sure all the jets and everything works. Make sure the controls and the display all work.   We can certainly assist you with an assessment on all makes of model hot tub but a great alternative is the refurbished tubs we sell with warranty . come and c us as we carry great variety of makes and models 110 v to 220 v systems large and small and best of all we repair, maintain water chemistry on them so we know them inside out. call us for the latest roundup call us today 587-333-2391
financing available a.o.c

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