purge hot tub ( air lock )

purging your hot tub ( refilling your tub , flo error , pump runs,but no water circulation, )

When refilling your hot tub after a winterization , or drain and clean, you may experience an airlock in your hot tub system. its just the law of physics at work here so there is no major component fault. tell-tale signs is the hot tub circ pump or pump (jets ) number one on your hot tub is running but there is no water flo or movement in the tub and the top side error codes Flo, three dots,dry may appear depending on your make and model of hot tub. The best way to take care of the issue is to read the manual of your hot tub for specific purging procedure as some are partial automatic and others tell u where to find the purge srews to let the air out. note: it is always best to fill the hot tub thru the hot tub canister to help reduce air locks.
caution: hot tubs carry high voltage and guide below works with general systems so if your not sure best to hire a hot tub tech.
(so no luck with the hot tub manual )
guide ( 1st try )
1. turn off the power to your hot tub
2. take the filter out of the hot tub and place your garden hose in the canister right to the bottom inlet and turn on the water high. this may force the water to push out the air in the system. ( should see bubbles coming out of jets.
3. take hose out and start the hot tub system up
2nd try
1. turn off the power to your hot tub
2. identify your circulation hot tub pump ( this pump feeds the hot tub heater that is a stainless steel tube )
3. loosen the pump union that is attached to the plastic pipe (this connects the pump to the lines) .or loosen the purge valve screw. either way, loosen it just enough for air to rush out ( hissing noise ),. note :the purge nut is on the wet end of the pump faceplate.
4.when hissing stops and water begins to drip out , tighten the nut
5. start up system
you should be on your way to a good night of hot tubing ,but if your still having trouble, give us a call
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