refurbished arctic hot tub 1 yr warranty

Refurbished arctic hot tub with 1 yr warranty 3500.00 .



comes with new cover choice of color . financing ,installation and delivery available .

2 pump system
1 blower
single light multi-color led
all weather cedar cabinet ready to stain any color with per-miter insulation.

finance 4
call us for viewing today

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New hot tub coupon towards a new hot tub

Hot tub repair parts and sales coupon for new hot tub calgary

finance 4

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purge hot tub ( air lock )

purging your hot tub ( refilling your tub , flo error , pump runs,but no water circulation, )

When refilling your hot tub after a winterization , or drain and clean, you may experience an airlock in your hot tub system. its just the law of physics at work here so there is no major component fault. tell-tale signs is the hot tub circ pump or pump (jets ) number one on your hot tub is running but there is no water flo or movement in the tub and the top side error codes Flo, three dots,dry may appear depending on your make and model of hot tub. The best way to take care of the issue is to read the manual of your hot tub for specific purging procedure as some are partial automatic and others tell u where to find the purge srews to let the air out. note: it is always best to fill the hot tub thru the hot tub canister to help reduce air locks.
caution: hot tubs carry high voltage and guide below works with general systems so if your not sure best to hire a hot tub tech.
(so no luck with the hot tub manual )
guide ( 1st try )
1. turn off the power to your hot tub
2. take the filter out of the hot tub and place your garden hose in the canister right to the bottom inlet and turn on the water high. this may force the water to push out the air in the system. ( should see bubbles coming out of jets.
3. take hose out and start the hot tub system up
2nd try
1. turn off the power to your hot tub
2. identify your circulation hot tub pump ( this pump feeds the hot tub heater that is a stainless steel tube )
3. loosen the pump union that is attached to the plastic pipe (this connects the pump to the lines) .or loosen the purge valve screw. either way, loosen it just enough for air to rush out ( hissing noise ),. note :the purge nut is on the wet end of the pump faceplate.
4.when hissing stops and water begins to drip out , tighten the nut
5. start up system
you should be on your way to a good night of hot tubing ,but if your still having trouble, give us a call
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beachcomber refurbished used hot tub for sale 587-333-2391

bechcomber 720 ( western tub and pool ) 403-248-0777

refurbished beachcomber 720 hot tub for sale . comes with one year waranty .

3 pump system . 2 main pumps , 1 heat hush pump ,
1 yr warranty , comes with new cover

can deliver , free spa school included

financing available

other hot tub spas available for viewing

call  587 – 333 – 2391 for more info on this limited item and other refurbished hot tubs.


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new malibu hot tub ( Superior build and engineered for long lasting beauty and enjoyment ) 403-248-0777

The Malibu - 844 The Malibu - 844

The Malibu - 844The Malibu - 844

The Malibu is a large family spa with deep contoured therapeutic seating. Relax in one of 5 seats or stretch out on the full length lounger.  Being one of the last tubs built strong with Cedar wood siding it outlasts the cheaper Build Composite skirted products that are  susceptible to expansion , contraction , warping and fading  as well they are not installed  really solid like the cedar cabinets. Superior build and engineered for long lasting beauty and enjoyment.   M.s.r.p 14,261.00   Financing available .

The Malibu PACKAGE 844 se
Water Capacity 345 Gallons, 1300 L
Dry Weight 700 lbs, 318 kg
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 38″
218 x 218 x 97cm
Seating Capacity 6 – 7
Controls Digital
Pumps 2 x 5 Hp
Heater 6 kw
Blower 1.5 Hp Heated Blower (standard)
Jets 50
Air Jets 10 (standard)
Aromatherapy Standard
Cabinet 3/4 Clear Cedar
Light led lighting
Ozone U.V. Ozone with Jet (standard)

Available Optional Features

stainless jets

Stainless steel jet package increases value and gives the tub that polished look.

 salt water genesis system parts . westerntub and pool 403-248-0777 

Salt water conversion for easier sanitation that keeps your tub sanitized when your  away or not using the tub as often.

Marine grade Stereo with remote topside control 

AM/FM Tuner
CD Player


Ipod Dock

iPod docking station. Connecting via iPod Dock, AUX port and Pairing the Remote.

iPod docking station. Connecting via iPod Dock, AUX port and Pairing the Remote


Personalize your spa with a wide range of colors to choose from

 - GR7156
– GR7156 –
 - GR7153
– GR7153 –
 - GR7154
– GR7154 –
Moonscape II
 - GR7134
– GR7134 –
Starry Night
 - GR7121
– GR7121 –
Sterling Silver
 - MB6427
– MB6427 –
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the plug and play hot tub spa

the plug and play spa

the plug and play spa

R O T O S P A Gallery 

Just Plug it in!  Take comfort and fun with you wherever you go withROTOSPA, the full featured portable hot tub. Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a  trailer or pick up truck. Use it at home in the winter and the cottage in the summer. Simply fill your ROTOSPA hot tub, plug it to a 110 outlet and relax. No special wiring or plumbing is required.

ROTOSPA portable hot tubs sell for approximately $5000 depending on shipping costs and your choice of accessories, making them the value leader in the hot tub market. Operating costs of $15-$30 per month mean you can afford to use it every day.

Unwind in comfortable lounge seating while 20 powerful jets soothe your muscles and free your spirit. ROTOSPA hot tubs are the full featured portable hot tub designed for you. Spend some time getting to know ROTOSPA and start a new relationship with yourself  and your loved ones. Call us today 587-333-2391Click to see our new colours

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Top 10 Most Common Hot Tub Issues

Top 10 Most Common Hot Tub Issues

These are the 10 most frequent problems with hot tubs that have found been found over the past years in the field . most of these issues can be averted simply by having us over for an inspection and service once a year. call 587-333-2391 Okotoks or 1-877-894-9378 for your area
hot tub repair  top 10 issues with hot tubs 587-333-2391

1. Water chemistry – This is the monster of all hot tub issues we have found. 99% of all problems arise due to lack of maintaining proper water chemistry in the hot tub.

Hot tub sales men happily will tell you that chemical maintenance of your hot tub almost done by itself .   There is no such thing as maintenance free hot tub and getting close to this requires automation equipment installation almost  the price of a hot tub itself . However, with proper instruction and or spa school offered  .hot tubs are quite easy to maintain once you know how do this properly and a regular routine is set up and followed.
In the field we find that hot tub owners rather pay for costly repairs than pay for less costly preventative service programs and inspections offered by .
2. Clogged filters – When a home owner complains about a hot tub not heating or poor pressure at the jets , a good portion of the include old filters that should washed out and or replaced.
3. Tripped GFCI breakers – Many things can result in a tripped GFCI breaker. pump, Hot tub heater, ozonator just to start. most of them triggered by a water chemistry condition that has caused the device to fail.
4. Heater failure – Most heater failures are due to low ph in the water. Any ph under 7.0 for an extended amount of time will corrode the heating element to the point of failure.This happens because the water with low P.H is starving for molecules and metals is a great provider for these molecules ,. other areas include the pump seals , rubber seal and gaskets and anything else in the tub it can steal molecules from including the Tub itself. This will typically manifest as a tripped GFCI breaker and the results are mostly to replace the heating element. ( if missed over a period of time in a colder climate you may experience broken lines due to freeze up  ! )
5. Pump seal leaks – Poor water chemistry is almost always the result of a premature failed pump seal. The symptoms are a small puddle of water around the equipment area and if unchecked could cause the electrical moter to short from water spraying into the windings of the moter.
6. Circulation pump failure – Many modern shot tubs have a 24/7 circulation pump. Water chemistry problems coupled with pump seal failure is a common problem with the general Ph a concern again as explained with the heater. a simple inspection can catch this problem early before complete failure occurs with hot tub water entering the electrical moter side of the pump tripping the G.F.I and shutting the hot tub down.
7. Flow or pressure switch problem – though not as popular anymore Both a flow switch or a pressure switch are mechanical components with a limit life cycle. probes in newer systems also run out of calibration or connections fail , causing hot tub to shut down.
8. Leaks from lines, jets – water chemistry playing the role here again as glues,silicone fail due P.H levels corrosion .
9. Burned circuit board – Very costly repair. A burned circuit board is typically the result of loose heater terminal connection screws. After a few years, those screws tend to vibrate and loosen up the connection to the heater. This results in heat building up and transferring to the circuit board. That in turn can result in relay  failure on the board. other issues from pumps drawing heavy amps from burnt out or corroded windings may cause similar failures on the relays controlling the pumps.
10. Ozonator check valves – The small ozonator check valve fail and as a result water travels into the ozonator and trips the GFCI. Sometimes the ozonator can be dried with a hair drier, but it is better to replace unit.
These are the 10 most frequent problems with hot tubs that have found been found over the past years in the field . most of these issues can be averted simply by having us over for an inspection and service once a year by western tub and pool and or its affiliates. call call 587-333-2391 Okotoks or 1-877-894-9378 for your area

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