New Tub sale ( Rotospa )

the plug and play spa

ROTO SPA the plug and play spa

ROTOSPA ( Plug and play 110 v / 220 v portable hot tub spas )

Just Plug it in! Take comfort and fun with you wherever you go with ROTOSPA, the full featured portable hot tub. Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck. Use it at home in the winter and the cottage in the summer. Simply fill your ROTO SPA hot tub, plug it to a 110 outlet and relax. No special wiring or plumbing is required.


ROTOSPA portable hot tubs sell for approximately $5000 depending on shipping costs and your choice of accessories, making them the value leader in the hot tub market. Operating costs of $15-$30 per month mean you can afford to use it every day.

Unwind in comfortable lounge seating while 20 powerful jets soothe your muscles and free your spirit. ROTOSPA hot tubs are the full featured portable hot tub designed for you. Spend some time getting to know this hot tub and start a new relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

Rotospa Spa collection

Rotospa Spa collection

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